QuickBooks Training and Tutoring – $75/hour  

This is for small businesses that do their own bookkeeping either on-line or desktop that need help occasionally. This is done either on site or on-line using PC Anywhere or equivalent software.

QuickBooks Conversions – $95/hour

Want to get rid of that grumpy old Bookkeeper or dealing with keypunching, upgrading software, backing up data, losing data when your computer crashes?  Convert to on-line and let us do it for you. The good part is that everything gets done fast and accurate and you never see us and we never bother you except for questions.  A complete “hands-off” option for you, the business owner.

On-line Bookkeeping for small business – Fixed Value Pricing: $100 to $2,500/month

With access to your monthly bank and credit card statements, we can bring your books up to date and all you have to do is go on-line once in a while to view your Balance Sheet and Income Statement or get other information.   You can even view your financial statements on your smart phone wherever you are in the world.  Your only involvement is that we might call you if we don’t know what a particular transaction is for or what category it should be in.  After we get to know you, we’ll give you a quote on a monthly fixed dollar amount, so you know what to expect and no surprises.

On-line Payroll processing for small business – Pricing varies: $125/month and up

Don’t even think about doing payroll yourself.  It’s time consuming, complicated and if you make one mistake or miss a deadline, the penalties and interest can be devastating. And if you get behind, the IRS can put you out of business, quick. Not to scare you, but one more thing: if you fail to pay the withholding deposits, you can be subject to a 100% “Trust Fund Penalties” that you can never escape, even in bankruptcy.  So, let us do it for you. Once set up, all we need is employee hours, if they vary and W-4’s from new employees. We’ll let you know three days in advance what the payroll cash requirement is.

executive business man working on accounts while being concentrated and serious, wearing white shirt and tie